I am a Creative Director working in the outdoor field.


My work is a result of a passion for exploring the natural world and getting my hands dirty in all aspects of the creative process. I set about crafting brand experiences through design, films, and photography that focus on bringing authenticity to the forefront.

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2016; Colorado; Fall; Personal; Sneakerboots; Craig Grant

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Things I've learned and skills I've earned.


Over the years I worked hard to teach myself a range of skills in order to be self-reliant. That do-everything philosophy carries with me to this day. While I prefer moving pictures today, having a background in a broad range of disciplines allows for greater understanding and collaboration with like-minded peeps.


Early in my creative journey, I largely ignored video as the image quality sucked unless you were in Hollywood. That all changed when I picked up my first RED digital cine-camera.  I started by just capturing those same visceral moments in slo-mo and great light, but it has evolved to more than that. The story of the subject now dictates what I film and is my favorite medium. 

Concept / Writing


One of my fav's Southwest Wandering

Websites / Interactive


Recent interactive work yeticycles.com

Everybody needs a website right...  that is what a brand will say and while they do need a site the better question is what for. For me was to present how the customer utilizes brands products to bring joy into their lives. The website and interactive projects I work on crated are all for the purpose...

Creative Direction
Content Development
Digital Design
Functional Prototyping
eCommerce Strategy
Code nope, call my peeps at Legwork


My journey into the photography started as a need to capture assets for design work. I bought my first camera back in '01, a dSLR Canon 5d, and since that fateful purchase still imagery has dominated my work. I am drawn to capturing pure visceral moments, the lifestyle that surrounds adventure, and our connection to the natural landscape. After being published in the likes of the Bike Mag Photo Annual and the Red Bull Illume book, I transitioned from submitting work to controlling the narrative with like-minded brands.


Portrait  working on this

Brand Identity

Be bold, be authentic, don't advertise.  As a brand, you need to create something of interest and let users seek it out. That is what I have learned over the years. It seems simple, but as brands grow they lose their way and become conservative. I strive to push back against that wall of fear and create to inspire.

Content Direction
Voice & Messaging
Building a Brand Style

Social Engagement
Logos gave away my pencil set to my daughter 

Print Design

This is where it all started for me. Being a visual person graphic design and the crossroads of type, images, and communication was fascinating. My exploration into other creative realms was all in an effort to capture visuals to bring back to this discipline. Some say it is dead but it still holds a special place in my heart.

Brand Books
Editorial Ads

2015, Sam Seward, Craig Grant, Iceland, Vatnajökull, Glacier

Chillin' in Iceland next to a glacier

Let's grab a beer and talk f/stops or something.


Some projects take months other years, but what remains constant is my process of working hard with less to create holy shit yeah.

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Craig Grant, Iceland, 2015

Getting after it in the field.