Originally from the east coast, I headed west in pursuit of mountain bike trails only seen in the pages of magazines. Over time I transitioned my passion for riding into creative endeavors. An initial interest in print design and typography morphed when I purchased my first dSLR camera. Since that fateful purchase, still and motion imagery have dominated my work, capturing pure visceral moments, the lifestyle that surrounds adventure, and our connection to the natural landscape.

After achieving individual success having been published in the likes of the Bike Mag Photo Annual and the Red Bull Illume book, I transitioned from submitting work to controlling the narrative. I set about crafting film and interactive stories with other like-minded creatives and brands that focus on bringing the spirit of adventure to the forefront. By minimizing direct messaging and highlighting the experience, people connect on a more intrinsic level.

When not talking f/stops and planning the next excursion, I bring my reluctant family into the natural landscapes I so enjoy. I am currently based out of Denver, Colorado.